Luc has been smoking BBQ for over 10 years. Starting out in his backyard making some pretty terrible BBQ, he has smoked his way to winning several competitions.

Since moving to San Diego from Fort Myers, FL in 2015, he had decided to start making BBQ for people, just like he used to for his friends in his backyard and in competition back in Fort Myers.

He still likes to compete and you can catch him at KCBS competitions in San Diego when they pop-up, but the biggest smile you’ll catch from him is when people come and try out his BBQ.

-2012 Big Swamp Smoke Off – 1st place Pork
-2013 Ziggy Dicks – 1st place Pork, 3rd place Chicken
-2013 Santini Plaza Rib Cookoff – 1st place Ribs
-2013 VikingFest – Grand Champion, 1st place Pork, 1st place Chicken
-2013 Stay Alive… Just Drive Rib Cookoff – 3rd place Ribs
-2013 Smoke on the River – Grand Champion
-2014 Santini Plaza – 1st place Ribs
-2014 Big Swamp Smoke Off – 2nd place Ribs
-2015 Estero Tiki Hut rib Cookoff – 1st place Ribs
-2018 America’s Finest BBQ State Championship – 9th place Ribs

Luc has been featured in several articles and publications. Most recently he was interviewed by Eddie Kim of Mel Magazine (founded by the Dollar Shave Club).
Florida Weekly Article
Pinnacle Magazine – pg.10